An highly scalable and customizable access control system that you are in control.

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Basically, Leosac is made to open doors. And it's done in an open way, with an open mind for an open world.

We want anyone to be able to install, understand and manage his own access control system personally and professionally. So it's cheap, by design.
Leosac is open source (AGPL license), works with open source hardware (BeagleBone Black) or communities approved hardware (Raspberry Pi): don't be stuck with deprecated and unsupplied systems anymore. You can even Do-It-Yourself.


Whatever you're an individual with one door or a company with hundred doors, you will use the same components. Only number of components and configuration differ.
Almost everything in Leosac is a plug-in. Use the one that match your needs and environment, or create your own.

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Designed to be your physical security front line, Leosac push the security as the main goal of the project.
Open-source and based on community driven projects you can really know what is happening on behind the scenes.
All communications from readers to controllers and between controllers are enciphered. Advanced secure RFID / Smart cards are supported, including Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire EV1, HID iClass, HID Prox, SEOS, ...

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